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 regarding the bots

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PostSubject: regarding the bots   Tue May 25, 2010 11:02 am

ok this is not so much a rule it is me just telling you not do do it.
the way we have the bots set up now is to auto add to the server
and to not count spectators or {people who are connecting}
so when you want to not play with the bots DO NOT move them to spectator that just means another bot will fill the last ones place
and when you lock the teams and move a bot to spec you will cause a never ending cycle of bots joining the server trying to fill that empty slot.
and when you spec the bots under the settings we have now causes problems server side
so to sum it up do not spec bots ask some higher admin to kick them there is a good chance of an admin being online if not just ignore the bots they will play next map.

also not related fully but ill be looking... or making .nav files for the bots when i get in the mood.


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regarding the bots
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