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 Tips: Becoming the perfect member

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PostSubject: Tips: Becoming the perfect member   Sat May 08, 2010 10:38 am

(As a member, you are expected to follow the tips on becoming a member.)

Here are some tips to becoming the perfect V&W member:
- You may swear, but do not "run your mouth".. especially not in someone else's server.
That shows disrespect, and lack of self control.
- Nicely welcome a new player into our servers.
A !welcome is fine, but making the effort to write a message makes it more personal and is nicer.
- Giving a player XP is another way of welcoming, but ask before you do.
Some players would rather gain the XP. If they do not respond, feel free to give it to them provided you have the level to do so.
(If there is a higher admin on at the time, let them do it.)
- When warning a player, state the offense in a complete sentence.
Bad: !warn [player] SK
Better: !warn [player] No sk
Great: !warn [player] No spawnkilling please!
- Always say please. Cool

Check back in case of updates. Smile
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Tips: Becoming the perfect member
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