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 TF2 Friends Group

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PostSubject: TF2 Friends Group    Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:41 pm

As you may have heard, we have found ourselves a new field of battle in Team Fortress 2

Arrow We need to be perfectly clear in that our current server line up in W:ET (NQ US, NQ EU, Scrim) will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future Exclamation

The technical requirements of TF2 are not particularly onerous, the graphics are lively, and the fun atmosphere is very similar to W:ET. Furthermore, Team Fortress 2 is now completely free to play via Steam and the TF2 community is active and vibrant.

That's why, as our allies, we invite all of you to join our TF2 Friends Steam group. bounce

This is a public group for the members, clan friends, and regulars of FOB.

Do you want more information? Follow the link to group itself : or type in fobfriends in the search bar of your Steam.

We look forward to playing with and killing you in our servers. Smile
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TF2 Friends Group
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