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 .EA# Elite Army

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PostSubject: .EA# Elite Army    Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:36 pm


I'm eXplo Clan Moderator of Elitearmy clan.
We want to become allied with your clan
Our website:

What do we have to offer:
- Respect in the first place
- We are really up-to-date about newest things in ET
- U could always ask for help with Security problems
- We could help you with Script,Mapping, Tutorials and mods
- When your clan is in any kind of trouble, u could ask us for advice or help
- We could play some scrims against each other
- We will notify u if we caught hackers so your servers will be safe at all time
- We have 7 servers, 2 are password protected just ask for pass
Our servers:
.EA#NoDownload (IP:
.EA#Beginners (IP:
.EA#Headshot (IP:
.EA#TrickJumpSmile (IP:
.EA#Hide&Seek (IP:
.EA#Scrim#2.55 (IP:
.EA#Scrim#2.6b (IP:
.EA#Teamspeak (IP:

What do we expect from u:
- Respect from your side
- That u share info with us
- That u will inform us if anyone try to hack your servers
- That u are willing to play scrims against EA
- That we are able to use your server (scrim server) if ours is down


Clan Moderator of The Clan .EA#eXplo
Contact me:
Xfire : explo11
msn :

or contact

Clan Administrator of The Clan .EA#Hunter
Contact me :
Xfire : hunterthebestnl
Msn :
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PostSubject: Re: .EA# Elite Army    Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:19 am

hey, welcome to V&W forum m8,i would really want to look forward meeting you, and i appreciate a lot your stop by V&W forum Very Happy ones again welcome to V&W forum.

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.EA# Elite Army
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