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 Steam..... Satan in disguise????

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PostSubject: Steam..... Satan in disguise????   Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:03 pm

So I was really really pumped because tonight I went to the midnight release of Fallout: New Vegas!!!!1!!! And it was gonna be sooo cool!!!! until I tried to install it. SO apparently, the game hasn't been released yet. Even though I purchased a physical copy of it. and said PHYSICAL copy is about a foot from me right now. Infact, the disc it's self is even CLOSER (in my laptop). But I'm not allowed to install it. I mean, I suppose if this was a multiplayer game, and they didn't want people in NY to be level 20 before Californians were even tearing at the shrinkwrap, I could understand. But really steam, this is a singleplayer game. There is NO online component, so I really don't see why you must prevent me from playing this game! It is a piece of art, so please, just let me play it.
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Steam..... Satan in disguise????
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